Thursday, June 23, 2011

Writing with Good Content (Tandem to Success in Social Media Marketing)

This is what WRITING is...

          Marie has a business. She’s going to launch her business but she has no money. So she planned to use Social Media Marketing to launch it. It’s free by the way. And so she used it and everything went fine. She’ll probably be a business tycoon in the future.
          Now she’s planning to open a shop in the cloister and continue using Internet and Social Media Marketing.

Now this is what WRITING WITH GOOD CONTENT can be...

          Marie has started her first ever home-made bag business. She’s very excited to launch her new product. She knows that every teen on their town would really love her home-made bags. But there is a very big question running in her mind. How WILL she launch her business? or How CAN she launch her business? She has no budget to hold a very big event with event coordinator, space rentals, catering service, etc.  Now poor Marie is thinking, CAN she launch her business?
          YES! She CAN! How? Simply by using Social Media Marketing (SMM). Social Media are the popular networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Blogger and many more. Social Media Marketing is simply marketing using those Social Media. It lets you show what your business can do or produce. You can start conversations about your business, just like Marie’s home-made bag business, she can start posting photos on her facebook account and tweeting her promos and opening discounts. After having conversations, Marie will then develop relationships with her clients and eventually gain loyal customers.
          And the very best part of SMM is, it’s FREE! No need for an event coordinator, space rental, catering service, etc. All you need is your computer with Internet access and your creativity.
          So Marie tried Social Media Marketing. Later, many friends commented for reservations on her home-made bag’s photos, plus she gained so many followers on twitter! The following week, she finds herself thinking of opening a stand on a nearby mall while continuing her online promotions. Isn’t it lovely? I’m sure Marie will earn more and become rich in the near future.

See the difference of the two? WRITING WITH GOOD CONTENT SHOULD BE:

1. Understandable. We must use terms that our target market will easily understand. Can teenagers, as the target market of Marie’s business, understand the term cloister (A covered walk with an open stall on one side, running along the walls of buildings that face a quadrangle)?

2. Complete and Organized. On the first example, Marie’s business was not specifically identified, the conclusion of the story went through the body. We can’t even consider it as an article. It’s simply incomplete and unorganized compared to the second example, Writing with good content. Marie’s business was clearly understood as a home-made bag business and it was properly organized from beginning up to the conclusion.

3. Useful and Informative. Writing with good content defined Social Media Marketing very well, making it very informative and useful for SMM beginners.

4. Unique. Uniqueness triggers curiosity and curiosity attracts possible customers to know your business. Writing with good content example shows uniqueness because it used a story telling style added with factual information about Social Media Marketing.

All this, if applied basically on your writings will lead you to no trouble. But, this is not limited to these standards. There’s more for you to discover through experience.


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