Thursday, June 9, 2011

Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant Use Top 10 Most Popular Word Processing Software

Which word processing software do social media marketing virtual assistant use?

Word processing software are computer applications used for the production (including composition, editing, formatting, and possibly printing) of any sort of printable material. There are various word processing software available that social media marketing virtual assistant use. You can choose from any of them which ever suits your needs. The following is the list of the top ten widely used word processing software ranked according to popularity. (Note: all in the list pertains to the latest versions)

1. Microsoft Office Word 2010  
PROS: It has plenty of features that are not available in other word processing programs and with its easy learning curve makes it the best for the casual user and the diehard writers. This word processing program breaks away from the traditional drop-down menu navigation. Microsoft Word implements the use of tabs in what they call a "ribbon".

CONS: However, its huge bulk of features may be confusing to new users.

Used by most social media marketing virtual assistants.

2. WordPerfect X5
PROS: WordPerfect simulates other word processing applications so that it is easy to learn and it has tons of features. It was created for making professional looking reports, fax cover sheets, letters, brochures, labels, reports, resumes and more.

CONS: The program has so many features that it may confuse newbies. It does have some drawbacks, but you may find that some of the more creative features make up for it.

3. EasyWord
PROS: EasyWord  is word processing software that includes all of the same features of Microsoft Word, such as easy style and font selection through a drop down menu on the toolbar, envelope creation and bullet points.

CONS: Apparently lacks attractive lay-out and intuitive design. All of the features aren't easy to find making you to search for a while before you find the tool you need, even if you have used the software before, because the buttons aren't where you would logically think they should be.

4. TextMaker
PROS: TextMaker 2010 has the basic features that that are required for most word processor users, and also includes some useful layout features. Any user would be happy with the software and would find it a helpful alternative to Microsoft. TextMaker spell-checks words in over 20 different languages.

CONS: Lacks some of the basic features that a user would need to complete a document.

5. Open Office Writer
PROS: Writer is capable of opening and saving documents in a variety of formats, including the OASIS Open Document Format (its default format since version 8.0), Microsoft Word's DOC, RTF and XHTML. Writer provides a number of features not present in its main competitor, Word, including the ability to export to the PDF format natively. It also includes a word completion mechanism for predictive writing that is not available in Microsoft Word as of June, 2008.

CONS: Writer lacks a normal view editing mode, in which borders and spaces between pages are hidden in order to make extended editing more efficient. Lacks "Reveal Codes" type screen where formatting information, such as boldface and italics' beginning and ending points are shown alongside text. A grammar checker requires the installation of an extension.

6. Corel Write
PROS: It is easy to use and has a simple layout that will be easy to learn. Corel Write is slick, well laid-out document processing software. It has some comparable features to MS Word and a modern look.

CONS:It lacks editing tools such as a dictionary and change tracking.

7. Google Docs
PROS: Google Docs offers great functionality at  virtually no cost. All that is needed to create an account is an email address and a password. What a simple way to get a free word processing application.

CONS: This application does not offer an abundance of in depth features and the Internet is needed for access.

8. Kingsoft Writer 2010
PROS: Kingsoft Writer features a New Document window that makes creating new documents quick and easy. Offers some great new features uncommon to its competitors.

CONS: It has very few features and to get this word processing program you need to buy the entire Kingsoft Office 2010 Suite. Its total lack of features and strange layout, this word processing software will only appeal to very casual users, who only use it for simple tasks, like writing letters and grocery lists and not much with social media marketing virtual assistants.

9. Ability Write 5
PROS: The software is compatible with MS Word and has the same features as Corel Write. There are ready made templates to expedite document creation, you can create professional looking envelopes and labels, and you can change text to prior styles instantly.

CONS: Ability Write lacks some basic word processing features, and some of the more advanced features, as well. There are many basic features that the software lacks, though. You cannot highlight text, for instance, or create watermarks to protect your documents, unlike in Microsoft Word.

10. RagTime 6
PROS: Ragtime can be used to create a variety of document types. If you are looking for software that can layout everything from a brochure to a presentation, you may be happy with RagTime. it is best suited for those who need to design advertisements and book layouts.

CONS: It is not compatible with other word processing software and is difficult to learn. Its massive lack of features makes it almost unusable for most people, business-minded or not.

There you have it. The top ten widely used word processing software. To learn more about what word processor most social media marketing virtual assistants use, visit our website.


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