Monday, June 6, 2011

Finding Hot Topics for Article Writing Using Mining Tools

Finding hot topics for article writing is like mining for gold. When you find a hot topic, one that will surely arouse the interest of readers, money is certain. A hot topic will convert to an interesting article which in turn becomes site traffic, that will eventually become sales. More sales translates to more money, and money is like our generation’s gold. Now how’s that for logic?

So how do you find hot topics for writing articles?

In mining for gold you need some tools, the following are the tools that you may use to mine for hot topics.

1. Social networking sites
Grinding and sluicing with social networking sites like that of Twitter and Facebook can yield hot topics for article writing. Today most major issues locally and world wide are being discussed in social networking sites. Having an account on these social media platforms allow you to join in conversations and gain added insights. Twitter tip from twitter virtual assistant: Always check the Trending Topic box for hot topics. Facebook tip from facebook virtual assistant: Never click the unsolicited link for it may contain viruses.

2. Internet news sites
Dredge for hot topics for article writing using Internet news sites. These are good means to acquire the hottest and up to date topics both locally and internationally.

3. Blog comments
If you maintain a blog, you can sift hot topics for article writing from the blog comments of the readers. Their comments can reveal some ideas why they like or are interested in the blog and they can also suggest another topic that might be related to the previous topic.

However, if you don’t have a blog you can still read other blogs and sift hot topics for article writing.

4. Online forums
Online forums drill the tunnels of opportunity open and leads you to find and join in the discussion of the most pressing issues and hottest topics. If you are lucky you can extract useful insights from experts in the topic you are writing about.

5. Search engine suggest tools
Excavate for the hottest topic for article writing in the Internet using search engine suggest tools. Search engines have provided a tool to assist searchers, which makes it easier for them to look for the most searched topics by their users.

6. Keyword research
Digging for keywords will also be of great help in finding hot topics for article writing. It can also lead to the discovery of more interesting topics that will boost traffic to your website.

7. Customer survey tools
Quarry for hot topics for article writing using customer survey tool. You can add this tool in your web page to sap pertinent information from customers visiting your web site.

When you find for hot topics for article writing you should not only look for it you need to mine it. In order to succeed in your mining for hot topics you need to use the tools mentioned above. If you were successful in finding a hot topic and writing an interesting article about it you would soon be raking traffic to your site.


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