Friday, June 24, 2011

Transcription and Translation (Two Great Tool for Social Media Marketing)

        Transcription and Translation are two words that people use interchangeably, without knowing that they have different meaning. Some virtual assistants may use this as a part of social media marketing. Transcription is a clarification of a vague information, whatever or however an information is presented. On the other hand, Translation works on rendering a language into another language that are best understood by the target audience/ target market.

        Both are very helpful for social media marketing. For example, transcription can be applied to a client who gives a verbal request for his social media marketing plans, you as his/her VA transcribe it in a form of a facebook status, tweet etc. On the other hand, translation helps when your client uses a foreign language and wants his/her tweets to be translated to english. Here is a simple presentation of the difference between Transcription and Translation.

        Transcription as part of social media marketing plans, basically uses one language but uses two form of communication process, written and verbal. An information that is unclearly delivered is transcribed to a clearer counterpart maintaining the same meaning of the information. Transcription is also used for smoother operation or for the purpose of record keeping by transcribing verbal records to written records.
        For example, a phone conversation is transcribed into written record as a documentation in a telecommunication company. Another great example is the work of a medical transcriptionist who transcribes a doctor’s order to the treatment chart of a patient, so technically, transcription is more about documentation. Usually, transcription is done alone for the consistency of the product.
        Transcription utilizes transcription software that help a human transcriptionist to transcribe an audio text to written text. Making their work simpler and faster. Sometimes, a foot pedal or transcription pedal if you want to use a computer controlled player to transcribe, it can be connected to a computer using a USB port connector.
        Translation as part of social media marketing happens if an information is translated to another language for the target audience to understand that specific information still maintaining it’s original meaning. It is obviously seen that two different languages are involved in translation, there are instances that an action language is translated to a spoken or written language, like that of a translator between a mute and an ordinary person.
        Translation is also used in travelling (political purposes, business transactions, or a simple tour)  to other countries. It is also common to a Miss Universe Beauty Pageant’s question and answer portion. It’s also used by exchange students and professionals (e.g. doctors and nurses for medical missions).
        A translator should have an excellent knowledge on to which or from which he or she is translating. Translating is much easier to be said than to be done, translators must maintain the thought or idea of the information that is to be translated. Though the criteria for translators and multilingualism are not that far to each other, still translators and multilingual people can’t be used as synonyms. All translators can be multilingual, but not all multilingual people can be translators. Multi-lingual people express their personal ideas, thoughts or emotions to other language/s, but translators express other’s ideas, thoughts or emotions to other language/s.


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